Annaleigh is a Hot, Young, Single actress and influencer looking for a Daddy, whatever that means. She's scoured the internet and found 13 of the internet’s thirstiest dudes that she's going to put to the test in this web-based competition reality series. We will follow these Daddies as they follow their dicks through Annaleigh’s barrage of hilariously sinister emotional, mental, and physical challenges that will show Annaleigh which one of them is willing to answer her ultimate question: “Will you be my Daddy?”
During the 10 episode arc of this twisted, pseudo-reality game of love , Annaleigh's trickster, scamming past comes to light and a scorned, eliminated contestant kidnaps her in a shocking mid-season twist. The remaining daddies will be taken on a thrill ride cross-country hunt to find her, and uncover clues, scattered organs, and a grave of her clones along the way. The dramatic finale will lead them to an abandoned mall in Branson, MO to save Annaleigh, and stop her essence from being uploaded to The Cloud. 
Inspiration taken from early 2000s era reality shows such as: "Rock/Flavor/Daisy of Love", "I Love New York", and "The Joe Schmo Show". All contestants replied to a reality show casting call and are led to believe they're on a classic, drama-filled competition show, except for our kidnapper plant contestant Clem, played by David Stobbe.  
Written by Annaleigh Stone
Produced by Zach Huber
Edited by Matt Shulda

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